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Welcome fellow tea drinkers! I’m the Blake behind Blake’s Tea Journal. As you may have guessed by now, I’m an avid tea drinker myself and a burgeoning tea enthusiast. I don’t have any formal training in tea (tea master, tea sommelier, etc.), nor do I work in the tea industry. But I do however enjoy drinking tea, learning about tea, and talking/writing about tea. In my work I spend a lot of time behind a computer, which is always made better with a nice cuppa hot tea. Outside of work and tea, I’m a bit of a dabbler, and thus, I have a variety of other hobbies, including drawing, painting, and reading.

I like the pause that tea allows.

Waris Ahluwalia

About Blake’s Tea Journal

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Late in 2016, in an effort to help develop my own tea experience and improve my tea knowledge, I started keeping a journal of tea tasting notes and reviews. I added new tea entries sporadically for a little over a year, after which I decided to start a blog through which I could start sharing those notes and my other tea-related experiences with others out in the world. Thus, Blake’s Tea Journal was born in 2018 (so this is still a new endeavor) with the following three main purposes:  i) to serve as the outlet through which to share my tea journal entries, ii) a creative outlet through which to share other tea infused content and information derived from my journey through the wider world of tea, and iii) after feeling a bit like an outcast in a world of coffee drinkers, I hoped that starting a blog about tea would help me connect with fellow tea enthusiasts.

I look forward to sharing my journey through the vast world of tea. Although Blake’s Tea Journal is still relatively new, as I do share my experiences and build my content, I hope this blog will become a useful resource for your own tea journey, and that together we can enrich our tea experiences.

Current Posting Schedule:

  1. The Taste of Tea or Miscellaneous posts – as new content is available
  2. A Bit of PoeTea posts – as new content is available (i.e., after inspiration strikes).

Check out the Post Categories page for short descriptions of the categories.

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There is a subtle charm in the taste of tea which makes it irresistible and capable of idealization.

Okakura Kakuzo

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