Tea Out :: Fresh brewed loose leaf from Jeng Chi in Richardson, TX

Hey there, tea drinkers! I hope you’re having a great day. Today’s post is the third in my new ongoing series, Tea Out, in which I share experiences where I've come upon tasty, or even just interesting, tea when I'm out in the world, at restaurants, cafés and the like. I recently discovered that the Jeng Chi restaurant in Richardson, TX's Chinatown shopping center has a small café/bakery inside that serves a limited selection of freshly brewed hot teas.

Green tea too bitter or too astringent? 2 things you can do to reduce bitterness and astringency in your green tea

Have you ever had the experience of brewing up a green tea only to have it come out tasting way too bitter or be so astringent that each gulp leaves you feeling like you have cottonmouth? Maybe you've even decided that you don't like green teas because now you think that that is just the normal taste and texture of all green teas. Well, I'm here to let you know that your green teas don't have to be overly bitter or astringent, and that in fact, there are some simple changes you can make when brewing your green tea that can radically improve its flavor and texture.

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