Tea Review – White Peony Tea from Art of Tea

For todays Tea Review post on Blake’s Tea Journal I am going to relay the notes from my personal tea journal (my hard copy pen and paper journal) on the White Peony loose leaf tea sold by Art of Tea, along with some additional background information on this particular tea. I originally did a tasting and recorded my notes for this tea back in June of 2017.

Traditionally known as Bai Mu Dan [1,2], White Peony tea is a type of white tea. The White Peony from Art of Tea is harvested from the northern district of Fujian, China [3]. There are two different cultivars that each produce a distinct variety of White Peony Tea [1]. The northern district of Fujian is home to the Zhenghe Dai Bai cultivar [1], which produces the Zhenghe variety of White Peony tea[1,2]. This tea is only harvested for a few weeks each year [3], usually in the early springtime [1].  The tea is handpicked by plucking a bud with two leaves [3], and after picking, the buds and leaves are processed by drying and withering[3]; the tea is not pan fried [1].

The dry leaves had a smell of dry cut grass. There were fairly large full leaves in the mix, along with some broken leaves. As for coloration, there was mostly green hues with some browns. After a quick rinse, the first infusion was brewed by steeping the leaves for 30 seconds. After infusing, the vapor off the liquid had a semi-sweet smell with a touch of a roasted note. The tea liquor had a low intensity dark yellow color. The taste was a nice lighltly roasted flavor with a small hint of fruit and a light sweet finish. The tea was mildly astrigent.

Overall, this tea was a very nice white tea. I think this tea still remains one of my favorite white teas. Art of Tea still sells its White Peony tea; the price of tea is the same as when I first reviewed the tea, which is $5 for a sample tin and $22 for 4 oz bag.

Have you ever tried this tea? If so, please comment and let me know what you thought. Also, I want to continually improve the quality of my posts, so if you have any suggestions please comment and tell me how I can do better.

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