My Recipe For an Easy Spiced Milk Chai

Hey there, fellow tea drinkers! I hope you’re having a great weekend. Have you ever wanted to try making a spiced milk chai at home, but you just weren’t sure where to start? Well, in today’s post I’m sharing the easy recipe that I use when I make a spiced milk chai at home; this is my take on an easy homemade version of something like a Masala Chai. All you need are three ingredients and ten minutes to make a delicious homemade spiced milk chai!

Here’s the recipe card:

Spiced milk chai recipe card

Or you can download the pdf version:

Thanks for checking out my recipe for an easy spiced milk chai! I hope you enjoy! Once you try it out, let me know what you thought down in the comments. Of course, this is the way I make a homemade spiced milk chai, so feel free to alter the recipe however you like and make it your own! And if you already have your own recipe for making a spiced milk chai (or some take on Masala Chai), then I’d love for you share it down in the comments!

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