Special Announcement: Introducing the BlakesTeaJournalBlog Zazzle store

Hey there tea drinkers! I’ve got some exciting news for today’s special announcement post. I’ve just launched the BlakesTeaJournalBlog Zazzle store!

I decided to go ahead and launch the Zazzle store to serve two major purposes. The first, and principal purpose, of the store is to act as another outlet for a more artistic facet of Blake’s Tea Journal, which I hope will help even further share the love for tea and tea-infused content. The second purpose of the store is to serve as a financial means of supporting Blake’s Tea Journal; that is, royalties made off purchases from the blog’s Zazzle store will go towards offsetting the costs associated with running the blog (e.g., hosting here on WordPress.com with an ad-free plan, domain registration, etc.).

So if you’re at all interested (or just curious), please head over and check out the store: BlakesTeaJournalBlog. I’ve only got a few items listed currently, but I’ve got several more design ideas so new things will be added over time. Also, feel free to drop a comment down below and let know what you think of any of my designs (my girlfriend told me she thought the t-shirt designs were super cute, but she might be biased 😉 ). And if you do like any of the designs/products then please share them with other tea lovers who you think might also like them. Your support is greatly appreciated!

And as always, don’t forget to Like, Share, and Follow. It is greatly appreciated as well as needed to help grow the blog!

That’s it, tea drinkers. Until next time, keep enjoying the wondrous taste of tea! — Blake – the tea drinker behind Blake’s Tea Journal

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